試験科目:ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Analyst (Syllabus 2012)
問題と解答:全60問 CTAL-TA_Syll2012 対応内容

>> CTAL-TA_Syll2012 対応内容


NO.1 Attempt to download the recorded data from the camera.

NO.2 Attempt to download the data three times. Data will not down-load.
Based on this information alone, which of the problems described hereafter exists in this defect
[K4] 3 credits
A. Inadequate classification information
B. Lack of structured testing
C. Insufficient isolation
D. 5. Tax system
A tax system needs to be updated due to new legislation. For a person with a salary of less than EUR
20.000 and who is married, the tax needs to be re-calculated. If the person also has more than two
and less than five children, an additional 10% reduction is applicable.
Applying equivalence partitioning to the "Tax System" specification, which of the following set of
equivalence classes is most effective in testing the processing the number of children?
[K3] 2 credits
A. 2, 4 and 6 children
B. 2, 4 and 5 children
C. 1, 3 and 6 children
D. 3, 4 and 6 children
E. 3. Ken, an entrepreneur in Leeds finds the quality of the tea locally available so low, that he
decides to research superior teas around the world. He decides to market, sell and distribute these
superior teas via the web. His market strategy is to offer superior products on a well-designed
website with graphics that are fast to load, has high availability, superior usability and fast response
The website will offer the following:
-An innovative interactive catalogue of teas, which not only enables customers to buy the product,
but also enables them to provide feedback by rating the teas (which will influence his stock
purchasing levels)
-Provide the customer with the ability to use secure credit card transactions
-Provide the customer to give general feedback
Ken selects an iterative model for the development of the prototypes. The team consists of three
developers that are experienced in web development. Ken, although he doesn't have technical
skillset, is concerned with quality. He doesn't believe a lot of documentation is necessary and he
wants the website to be completed quickly.
The test basis contains the following:
-Story boards that show the information flow and page links through the site
-HTML pages developed to date.
-A statement of non-functional requirements.
With the strategy taking shape, Ken asks your advice on the specific testing techniques that should be
used to complete the required testing, bearing in mind the nature of the application and the nature
of Ken's overall objectives.
Which of the following represents the best choice of testing techniques in this scenario?
[K4] 3 credits
A. Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis using the storyboard ideas as a basis to
maximize functional coverage.
B. Decision testing to ensure that there is no redundant code
C. Exploratory testing to maximize the value of the team' experience
D. State transition testing to test the web site's availability statuses
F. Poorly documented steps to reproduce
G. 4. As part of defining an approach the usability, acceptance criteria need to be defined. Which of
the following acceptance criteria would be appropriate for operability?
[K4] 3 credits
A. Percentage of participants who completed each task correctly
B. Mean extent to which each task was completely and correctly achieved, scored as a percentage
C. Mean time taken to complete each task (for correctly completed tasks)
D. SUMI user satisfaction score
Answer: A


NO.3 According to the ISTQB Advanced syllabus, which of the following would be the MOST effective
method of communication between test team members who are distributed across several time
zones? [K2] 1 credit
A. Accurate recording of defect information in the defect tracking system
B. Accepting frequent builds from the developers to keep all testers working on the same version at
the same time
C. Skype meetings for personal interaction
D. Weekly, mandatory meeting with all personnel present
Answer: A

CTAL-TA_Syll2012練習   CTAL-TA_Syll2012 vue   

NO.4 Consider the following decision table, How many cases are left when this decision table is
[K3] 3 credits
A. 5
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: D


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