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NO.1 When conducting a SWOT analysis, opportunities and threats are likely to arise from:
A. changes in consumer preferences.
B. assets and financial performance.
C. the location of the company.
D. the company's core competencies.
E. key personnel.
Answer: A

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NO.2 Dento Inc., a manufacturer of dental care products, faced a social media uproar when rumors
spread that it was using ingredients from animal sources to create its products. The labels as such
carried no evidence of this and this discovery was brought about by an independent researcher. The
company's CEO and senior management did not know about these ingredients. Internal research
revealed that containers used to hold Dento's products, produced by a vendor, used products derived
from animal fat in the manufacturing process, but the product itself did not contain any fat. What
should Dento do to prove that it is ethical?
A. Refute the independent researcher's claims by filing a defamation suit.
B. Inform its consumers of the situation and implement measures to ensure animal-fat-free
packaging and products.
C. Invest in a program that aims to spread dental hygiene awareness.
D. Penalize the vendor by not paying for the next order of packaging materials.
E. Release a statement to the press explaining that it is not responsible for the manufacturing
processes of its suppliers.
Answer: B

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NO.3 X-Pert Bikes sells bikes for people of all ages. The company is creating a new advertising
campaign targeted only at existing customers, encouraging them to buy an X-Pert Bike the next time
they want a bike. The company also begins an X-Pert Club for existing users of X-Pert Bikes, as
research has shown that familiarity with a brand increases the chances of repeat purchases. In this
case, X-Pert's campaign is aiming to build ______.
A. brand extension
B. brand dilution
C. brand awareness
D. brand loyalty
E. brand parity
Answer: D


NO.4 Newtown-based athletic shoe manufacturer Alpha Shoes sells different types of shoes for kids,
and focuses its marketing activities in the Newtown region. To increase sales of its products, Alpha
begins an intensive promotional campaign in Newtown's schools. Which of the following market
strategies is the company using?
A. market development
B. vertical integration
C. horizontal integration
D. diversification
E. market penetration
Answer: E

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