NO.1 In Warehouse Management stock overview what do we mean by "Available Stock"? (Choose
A. "Can be removed from the stock" as long as the storage bin has not been blocked
B. The material which are for "Unrestricted-use" in the sense of Inventory Management stock
C. The material which has "Not being moved in the warehouse"
D. The material which are "Available" in the context of the availability check
Answer: A,C


NO.2 Which of the following functions is not within shipping processing?
A. Monitoring of goods availability
B. Processing of goods issue
C. Monitoring of deadlines for reference documents due for payment collection
D. Monitoring of deadlines for reference documents due for shipping
E. Monitoring of production schedules
Answer: C,E

NO.3 What are the prerequisites for creation of inbound deliveries? (Choose five)
A. Inbound deliveries can be created for sales orders
B. The goods receipt assignment must be defined in the confirmation control if a material document
is to be created when a goods receipt posting is carried out for inbound delivery
C. These conformation are relevant for material planning
D. These confirmation are relevant for goods receipt
E. The item that are to be included when the inbound delivery is created must have a confirmation
control key
F. Inbound deliveries can only be created for purchase orders
Answer: B,C,D,E,F


NO.4 How are the goods movement postings in ERP system handled in the Decentralized
Warehouse Management system? (Choose three)
A. A posting is made in the inventory management area of the ERP system when the Decentralized
Warehouse management system confirms the delivery
B. We must adjust warehouse number Customizing and the settings of the reference movement type
that is needed to create the delivery
C. Inventory postings that are entered in the ERP system are posted immediately
D. The system generates an inbound or outbound delivery that is forwarded to the Decentralized
Warehouse Management system when a transfer posting is entered
E. Posting changes between two plants or storage locations can be processed using a one-step
Answer: A,B,D

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